Power Walking is stamina building walking or sometimes called sport walking, fit walk or power walk. It basically means walking in a very brisk pace. If you want to become fitter this way you have to walk in a fast pace at around 6 to7 kilometers per hour. This is exactly what Power Walking is.

With its pronounced arm movements and brisk, wide footsteps many muscles are active at the same time. The heart beat rate will go up and this will improve your cardiovascular endurance. Breathing becomes deeper, circulation is activated and increases the oxygen supply. This can increase calorie consumption to up to 500 calories per hour. This 60-minute exercise is a simple way to be more active, lose weight and stay healthy.
Many physicians and fitness experts consider Power Walking as the perfect way to stay fit. They consider it the perfect workout because everyone can do it, it does not cause any strain to the joints like running and injuries caused by Power Walking are extremely rare. They also point out that the human body is made to walk / power walk rather than to run or to jog.
But there are even more benefits. Power Walking does not require any special equipment, it can be done almost everywhere, you can do this your whole life and being outside in the fresh air clears your head and gives you more energy.
Few people can run for a whole hour, but one hour of Power Walking is possible for most people and the calorie consumption is almost the same. If you start running untrained you can keep it up for only five minutes. If you want to run for a whole hour it will take you a year of training.
Power Walking club is an initiative of personal trainers, doctors, dietitians, physical therapists and walking coaches. For years, there have been several exercise programs and fads that were unnatural or hard to keep up, and often proved to be very injurious. Power Walking is, however, the most natural form of moving that we can do really well.
Power Walking is the solution for people who want to improve their health and become slim and fit in a natural way.

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