• Powerwalkingclub/ Power walking trainer reserves the right to cancel a training in in case there are not enough participant. We try to find an alternative after consultation. In hazardous weather conditions, including thunderstorms, storms, extreme heat, snow or ice, a training can be canceled.
  • Payments must be made through the designated payment system. The validity of the cards is stated in the rates.
  • Participation in a Power Walking training is entirely at your own risk. Powerwalkingclub/Power walking trainer is not responsible for any injury or other damage that may be incurred by the participants during or as a result of a training. Training advice is always noncommittal and is followed up at your own risk. Also, Powerwalkingclub/Power Walking trainer is not liable for damage to and / or loss of personal property for any reason, arising during or in connection with the activities organized by Powerwalkingclub/Power walking trainer.
  • A Power Walking training is intensive and injuries can occur. Participants should assess themselves whether they are suitable for participation in the training. If you have health problems or obesity, or if you have any other reason to doubt whether you can participate in the training participation, I strongly recommend that you first seek advice from a doctor.
  • Powerwalkingclub/Power walking trainer reserves the right to exclude unsuitable participants from participating in a training.
  • You agree entirely at their own risk and at your own responsibility to take part in the training of Powerwalkingclub/Power walking trainer.
  • You agree that your data will be kept by Powerwalkingclub/Power walking trainer. Powerwalkingclub/Power Walking trainer hereby declares that neither the data will be disclosed to third parties for the purpose of privacy legislation.
  • The text of these terms and conditions is offered in the Dutch language and in English. In case of conflict or if something is unclear, the Dutch version will prevail.