Join the ever-expanding Powerwalkingclub!

Powerwalkinglub is expanding everywhere in the world and is instructing future Power Walking instructors.

Powerwalkingclub is the first official organization in the world to offer Power Walking and to train Power Walking instructors. Our goal is to get everyone worldwide Power Walking and experience the benefits for body and mind.

Right from the start clients! You can get up to 40 sign-ups for your first Power Walking class and in the short term it can go up to over 100 clients!
We help you reach a larger target group.
You can start offering your Power Walking lessons within 3 weeks!
You can offer your lessons on website Powerwalkingclub.
Unlimited use of website Powerwalkingclub and products (logo, videos, pictures) for your sales and marketing.
Great income and having FUN while helping people.
Online education program active worldwide.
With our online Powerwalkingclub academy and program we educate you becoming a Power Walking instructor.
We have +100.000 visitors every month.
The website visit is growing worldwide and this gives you more the chance to get more sign ups to your Power Walking class.
Online Academy Powerwalkingclub
Unlimited use of Powerwalkingclub Academy (all knowledge is shared online here for the Power Walking trainers).
High Ranking Google results
Website Powerwalkingclub is always in first place with google search results (better chances for sign-ups).
Regional protection
You will not compete with another Power Walking trainer at your location or region or get any competition.
How does it work?


You work for yourself and all income generated by you or us in relation to your training goes to you.


You are free to use your own rates. Customers pay directly to you. Payment methods are managed by yourself.


You decide how many lessons you give per week.


You are not bound by a contract.
Training principles
Learn how to systematically administer training incentives with the aim of improving sports performance.
Power Walking technique
Being able to master the correct Power Walking technique yourself.
We will learn you how to guide a group and ensure that they become regular customers. We will also unlock your potential to maximize your own performance.
Transferring the Power Walking technique to your group
Being able to correctly transfer the technique, dealing with poor motor skills and learning how to correct.
Warming-up & Cooling down
How to give warming-up & cooling down. Different example videos.
Power Walking lesson techniques
How you can give unlimited various types of lessons.
Bodyweight exercises
Series of 120 body weight exercises as visual material (workout videos which can be used to prepare lessons for your Power Walking classes).
Marketing and Sales principles
Step by step marketing plan on how to find customers for your start and keep continuously finding new customers.
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Annette van Doorn Power Walking instructor

I am very happy that I have decided to become a Power Walking instructor. I was able to start immediately after the course and for my first lesson I already had over 40 registrations. I advise everyone to join Powerwalkingclub and follow the course. You will not regret it!

Irma Smit Power Walking instructor

Even without a sports background you will be fully trained to become a fully Power Walking instructor. I am a dietician myself but my reach thanks to Powerwalkingclub is so much bigger. Power Walking appeals to many people and everyone who practices Power Walking loves it. If you still have doubts, I would definitely recommend taking the course. And very important; you will always be assisted at Powerwalkingclub!

Danielle Schröder Power Walking instructor

Successful from day one with my Power Walking lessons. You have fun while giving lessons and you have an extra income.
Getting a lot of energy back and meeting nice people.
Take your first step to more success and power!

Power Walking instructor Online education program

The online course is available for everyone in all countries!
Online Course is in English.

The Powerwalkingclub work plan and education plan has been developed for you so that you can get started right away.

Introduction price for now temporarily € 390,- including VAT per person. Normally € 690,- including VAT per person.

Powerwalkingclub manages the website. An annual contribution of € 95,- applies for this. First annual year contribution is already included in course price. This is for the maintenance of the website by Powerwalkingclub, and for regional protection. You will not compete with another Power Walking trainer at your location or region or get any competition.

Requirements that a trainer must have: enthusiastic, social, likes to be outside, good communication skills and a positive attitude.

Join the ever-expanding Powerwalkingclub now and become a Power Walking instructor!